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  1. ES 150 Bits, Saddle Fitting and Hoof Balance 4 credits

  2. ES 320
The Business of Making Money with Horses 4 credits

  3. ES 140
Equine Nutrition for Maximum Performance 4 credits

  4. ES 270
Equine Reproduction 4 credits

  5. ES 483
Equine Safety and Rescue 4 credits

  6. ES 260
Health and Disease Management 4 credits

  7. ES 330
Legal Aspects of Horse Management 4 credits

  8. ES 310
Stable Management 4 credits

  9. ES 290
Stallion Management 4 credits

10. ES 120
Understanding Equine Behavior Modification 4 credits

11. ES 490
Equine Studies Symposium (a comprehensive exam course) 6 credits

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Associate of Arts Equine Study Courses

Eleven equine study and eight general education courses are required for graduation.

         The online curriculum offers an innovative approach to higher education. Enrollment is open and students may begin the program at any time. All courses are provided in online classrooms, with on-to-one faculty mentoring.  Most of the courses require access to a horse.

          Our online equine degree curriculum includes:

       78 Credits

      One time $150.00 enrollment fee for new students.

      $400.00 per course. Equine Studies Symposium (ES 490) is $700.00.

      Students may register and pay for one course at a time.

* Note: cost of tuition does not include cost of text books.

       Equine courses have a completion deadline of one (1) year from the time of enrollment.  The student may petition for an extension.  Requests for extensions must be submitted in writing (email is accepted - info@horsecoursesonline.com).  Extension requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

       General education classes provided by Breyer State University must be completed in 15 weeks.

       Courses provided by Tallgrass Acupressure Institute must be completed in 90 days.

For More Information: info@equinedegreeonline.com