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Two Online Degree Programs

       These online programs are unique in their ability to prepare students for careers in many equine related fields such as manageing a stable, giving riding lessons, training horses, working at an equine retail store, preparing and showing horses and working at a breeding facility.

       Students work one-on-one with
17 award winning instructors, who are experts in their fields.  Breyer State Univeristy (BSU) equine instructors are not just teaching out of a book - they have experience and hands-on ability. Students have their instructor's direct email address and can contact them at anytime.

courses are accessible through the internet - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

       Take one course or several.

        In today's knowledge based economy, you are only as valuable as the credentials you possess. Earn a degree that can assure your career, provide financial security and make an immediate impact for an employer or create your own business success.

        Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3
        1. Decide if you would like to earn an Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree  (Please feel free to contact us for advice.)
        2. Select the one time enrollment fee and the course or courses you want.
        3. Complete the
secure enrollment form and click "submit"

        Within hours you'll receive a welcome note and links to your first course.  You're on your way to creating your future and insuring your financial success.
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